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Courageous Mistakes

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, committed a legendary mistakein Super owl XLIX. While standing 36 inches away from winning back-to-back championships, he threw an interception that let the air out of the city of Seattle as their beloved team lost the Super Bowl. He felt terrible and responsible for the loss. “I hate feeling like I’m the one who lost it,” Wilson said after the game. This mistake, made on the grandest stage, could easily have a severe impact on anyone for a long time. He had just made the biggest mistake of his life in front of over 100 million people. It is hard to imagine the shame and pain that Wilson must have been feeling and how he felt about his ability as a quarterback.

ad d’lo yadah

Purim and Simchas Torah have many commonalities. Joy, dancing, singing… and alcohol. Every year before each of these holidays the newspapers are filled with articles warning the community of the dangers of underage drinking. Although a time of incredible happiness, many parents approach these holidays with some feeling of trepidation; anxious as to where their […]