Community Resources

Community Education

Professional Support:

Madraigos consults with and conducts professional development programs for community Rabbonim and School leaders to focus on emerging communal issues. In a recent program that focused on abuse and neglect, Madraigos convened prominent rabbonim and leading experts from Agudath Israel of America and Yeshiva University speaking on issues that affect the community and how to address those issues as a community. Madraigos is also the address where professionals, community leaders and educators can turn to for guidance and advice on complex issues surrounding substance abuse, self-destructive and abusive behavior. Madraigos regularly provides guidance and support for those on the front lines of communal issues.

Educational Enhancement Program:

The educational enhancement program caters to young adults both male and female in separate settings. After high school education it is not uncommon for young adults to experience a disconnect with the larger Jewish community. Our goal is to provide meaningful spiritual classes and lectures to uplift our members and keep him or her in touch with the community. The classes are tailor made to address the questions of the group and to give them the opportunity to explore even deeper spiritual concepts. We offer the group to hear from guest lecturers as well to broaden the scope of information that is presented. The program provides a social and friendly atmosphere which is conducive for making strong bonds and connections with members with similar backgrounds. A light dinner is served which is always helpful to create the warm and friendly atmosphere that makes this program one of a kind.

Job Placement Program:

Madraigos recognizes the challenges that today’s economy and current job market present. For our young adult community, the challenges are even greater. Madraigos works with a variety of job listing providers and seeks to match our members with employment opportunities that compliment their individual talents and interests. To date we have placed hundreds of young adults in rewarding employment positions that have helped them further develop their individual skills, sense of responsibility, and feelings of accomplishment.

Parenting Matters:

Madraigos offers regular programs for parents including the parenting lecture series. Through this program, Madraigos convenes world renowned experts in various topics related to parenting and brings it to the community free of charge.

Recently, Madraigos ran the “Helping our Children succeed” series with experts in the field of Psychology and personal motivation. Presenters included Dr. David Pelcovitz, Dr. Benjie Stern, Eli Shapiro, LCSW and Charlie Harary, who spoke on a variety of topics that aimed to help parents help their children. Madraigos continues to provide thought provoking lectures aimed at improving the lives of our children.

School Based Services:

Madraigos’ School Based Services Program provides student support and services to local Yeshivos and Day Schools. Our team of professionals and social work interns assist existing support staff in meeting the social and emotional needs of students in their schools. Schools benefit by having additional personnel to support their students as well as having direct access to the vast resources of Madraigos. In addition to individual counseling and support, Madraigos provides a myriad of groups which focus on issues that today’s students face. Topics include Positive Peer Relations, Effective Decision Making, Healthy Eating and Living, Time Management – Study Skills and more. Groups are created in conjunction with school staff to meet students’ needs. Madraigos also works with schools to create school-wide programs that include students, parents and faculty alike. Sample school-wide programs include Bully Prevention, Substance Abuse Awareness, and Managing Teens & Technology. Students and parents are given an overview of the risks and warning signs and what they could do to avoid falling into a pattern of self-destructive behavior.Madraigos will partner with your school to assess the particular needs so we can design and implement student support programs to meet your specific concerns.