24 Hour Support Line

At Madraigos, we recognize that difficult situations can occur any time of the day or night and not just during business hours. Our 24 hours support line puts a Madraigos professional only a phone call away when you need it the most. Our trained responders can field calls on a variety of issues, assess and identify the specific needs in the moment, and provide direction and support in accessing the appropriate resources. The Madraigos 24 hour support line is your lifeline, any time.


Madraigos offers no fee comprehensive assessments for individuals and families struggling with social/emotional and mental health issues. Appointments can be made to meet the needs of your schedule including evening and weekend availability. Madraigos has a network of individual professionals and agencies that we work with who are ready and able to work with Madraigos clientele. Madraigos assessments can usually be completed in an hour and clients can expect to walk out with clear resources and next steps to address their needs.

Case Management

At Madraigos, our support does not end when our clients walk out the door with a referral. Madraigos understands that overcoming challenges takes time with many roadblocks along the way. Our team maintains ongoing contact and support with our clients and with the individuals and agencies they are referred to. Madraigos is there for you every step of the way.

Crisis Intervention

“I’m sorry to bother you, but my daughter and I just had an argument and she ran away from home. She is spending the night at a subway station in Queens. Can you go down there and help her out?”
“My teenage son fell into a group of bad friends. He is becoming more rebellious by the day and we think he’s experimenting with drugs. We desperately need advice on what to do.”

“I’m a single mother with four challenging children, can you help me sort things out and find the right treatment and support?” “My son was just thrown out of Yeshiva. I don’t know what to do”
The Madraigos crisis team fields hundreds of phone calls from individuals and families in crisis and works with many new families a year through our assessment, referral and case management program. Families receive no-charge assessments and help in accessing services and support to meet their individual needs. A family can expect caring and comprehensive support and guidance during their most difficult times. Crisis comes in many forms, but rest assured the professionals at Madraigos are equipped to handle the most challenging of issues with care, support, and guidance.

Support Groups

Madraigos constantly works with the community to assess its needs. We have found a growing need for a wide range of support groups. We have developed unique support groups for parents struggling with their teens and young adults, helping and supporting them to give guidance and love without compromising the discipline in cases that are challenging at the very least. In addition we run support groups for targeted populations struggling with the same issues and create a unique bond and support. After collecting significant data, we realized there is a growing need for sibling support groups. Where the younger sibling is not getting enough attention in the family setting due to an older sibling commanding the majority of the parents attention. We have found that these groups are highly effective to normalize a potential crisis and bring stability not only to the younger sibling but to the whole family structure. An ounce of prevention is worth a pond of cure. Every group is appropriately matched with a clinician who is highly experienced in the groups needs.