Youth Programs

Holiday Retreats:

For many, holidays represent a challenging and lonely time of year. To address this, Madraigos provides services and programs on a variety of holidays. Our Rosh Hashana retreat brings the disenfranchised out of their element and provides a spiritually uplifting experience in a hotel/resort setting with amenities that extend well beyond the delicious food and luxury accommodations. Classes, prayer services and camaraderie make the Madraigos Rosh Hashana a uniquely special experience.
For Yom Kippur services, we house our members in different homes in our local community and have a local exclusive prayer services. We encourage everyone to go at their own pace and have different inspirational speakers speak at different points as well. There is a pre-fast and post fast meal that is enjoyed by everyone in a close family like setting. We always ensure that the needs of all members of the Madraigos family are being addressed.

The Lounge:

The Lounge is an adolescent drop-in center that provides our teens with a safe and nurturing environment. There are different nights for boys and girls throughout the week. Lounge participants have a destination for fun with friends, social activities and dinner, all under the care and guidance of Madraigos professionals, social work interns and staff.
This safe, non-judgmental environment gives teens the opportunity to foster positive relationships with peers and Madraigos staff and promotes goal-oriented communication. The lounge is where teens come to feel validated and respected for their unique life experiences.

Year Round Events:

The greater Madraigos community is treated to year round events. Throughout the year we have a Superbowl party, Hiking Trips, a BBQ for both boys and girls separately and members participate in many other special events to help foster positive development in self esteem. In addition, we have a Purim Program, Sukkos Party, and a Chanukah Party so our teens and young adults have an address to go to during a time when there might be other venues that they would feel pressured by and take a step back in their growth. Our goal is to always provide opportunities for our youth to grow and step by step become a leader of tomorrow.